Opportunities for Communication Agencies

Analist Group side by side with Communication Agencies in the Food Industry

More strength to the Agencies

Our mission is to strengthen the action of the Communication Agencies and enhance their potential. How? By supplementing their communication work with our support for infrastructure. Analist Group has developed a range of digital services dedicated to the Food Industry and stands alongside the Communication Agencies operating in this area: as service and technology providers we work to make the catering world completely digital and improve the Agency itself making it even more fundamental not only in the food industry but also in other fields.

9 out of 10 customers book online

According to a Tradelab research, booking online is an increasingly common habit among consumers, especially when it comes to food. Almost half of the population has done so at least once, 9 out of 10 know at least one platform dedicated to online booking. Customers prefer this type of booking because it is convenient (72.3%), it is immediate and allows for confirmation in real time (66.9%) and it is more "secure" (41.6%).

Digital Revolution: discover our products


Digital booking system


Express deliveries



Dedicated App

Customised App

Reservations in one click

With BookNow and 4Coffee, the way you manage your restaurant changes completely. They can be integrated with any management software and our digital products allow your customer to easily manage reservations, allows you to enter bookings that come from traditional channels (by phone or in person, for example) and also control and optimise turnout at the venue.

Opportunities for Communication Agencies

Communication Agencies can lead their customers into the digital world without any effort with BookNow and 4Coffee. A revolution that will affect everyone.