Digital products, real advantages: Analist Group alongside the Communication Agencies

Communication Agencies play a central role in marketing. They help businesses to be better known, to develop a narrative and to build that set of shared values ​​that diversify the various players within a market.

Image, as we know, is everything. But nowadays the “story” can not be separated from “digital infrastructure”. The best selling product is the one that has a digital dimension in addition to the real one, only by integrating the strengths of the two areas can you really make a difference. The “real” product needs to become “digital” because there is a need to keep up with the customer who, in recent years, has already made this change.

The evolution of the market, in this sense, has been very fast technological and digital aspects have been added to communication.

Analist Group’s mission is clear: to be alongside the Communication Agencies because they represent the core in every type of market. To their indisputable value, to the primacy of communication, the company’s will is to add a digital plus. A range of products and services capable of making the relationship between the agencies and their customers even closer, more productive and innovative.

For this reason, starting from the Food Industry and looking, more generally, ad personam services, Analist Group has developed innovative products that are easy to use and capable of instantaneously digitizing businesses. And, in fact, it is offering the Communication Agencies the possibility of integrating, without effort, their offer to the customer.

From BookNow, the digital booking system, to 4Coffee, the system for express deliveries, from TellMe, the surveys and questionnaires platform for end users, to the dedicated App equipped with Intelligence Artificial and, therefore, capable of listening to customers and communicating with them, Analist Group is making a difference.

In a world that evolves at the speed of light, it is necessary to join forces to make dreams become advantages. We are ready, are you?